Life and Times Vol. 2 (apolloKIDZ presents)


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Life and Times Vol 2 is journey through the ups and downs of love as seen through the eyes of the artist. From falling in love to falling out of love, this project tells the story from many different angles. It is honest and heartfelt. Please pardon the sound quality as I continue my journey to becoming a full time artist.


released March 25, 2012

Executive Producer and recording artist: DECEMBER. Appearances by: Chana, Jon Reid, Latoya Hall, TMT



all rights reserved
Track Name: Baby Doll (prod. by Trillioncuts)
you my baby doll you remind me of my favorite song
Always get that funny feeling when I put it on
baby doll remind me of my favorite song
On repeat girl I never wanna cut you off

Say baby doll what you doing at this show
Lance Drummonds JB3 Eric Robe
She Puerto rican but this Mami full of soul
Her pretty smile tell me all I need to know

So much swag man She really had the glow
Said there is something that I really had to know
Like where's your man and why he left you here alone
She said you're cute but I really have to go

Started slow kept my feelings on the low
Played it close couldn't let my feelings show
I ran a audible I play without the coach
you ever been up on a plane without the coach

Island hopping right up off the Spanish coast
Nah I ain't got it but we could window shop at coach
She started laughing man she diggin my approach
She said my number 553 4270

you my baby doll you remind me of my favorite song
Always get that funny feeling when I put it on
baby doll remind me of my favorite song
On repeat girl I never wanna cut you off

know you posed to wait bout couple days to call her y'all
But I was on her like some water chasing alcohol
I couldn't lose her like them poor folk lose that powerball
I couldn't fuck up hell naw nigga not at all

Said she a student she about to be in med school I said I'm smarter than average Yogi call me boo boo
She said she like pic a nics so I said cool In my mind I made a list of all the things we could do

I tried to make up for the silly things that Men do
Lying Beating Cheating desecrate the bedroom
I made her smile in ways I even meant too
I'm a gentleman and a freak in the Bed too

Hey, yall know what that led too
Hey i could give you Ten clues
yous a student well come here and lemme test you
All the sheets we Went through cuz all the sheets we Wet through
Track Name: The Long Run ft Frank Ocean
Beauty arrested me you know?cardiac
Her love kills call her heart attack
She has it all call her starter pack
Yea that pussy snap you know? starter cap

And I Flagrant too Im a bad sport
With you i smooth sail with them i Crash course
Used to pause love but now I Fast for'd
I never love a broad but now I passport

And she carry on call her Jansport
And ill give her anything that she Ask for
I'm talking whips and keys, trips and sprees
Even pitter patter you know? Little feet

Too Short said don't do it, I said fuck him screw it
If my girls a hoe I'll be a trick I ain't tryina blew it
And boy she like to blow it Her love she like to show it
And lifes a lonely journey I finally found someone that I can go wit

You finnah go girl?
Let's go girl
Track Name: Dopalicious
Spottieottiedopalicious angels are the dopest
Make me wanna fly a LA angel coast to coast she
I show her round my town I be the hostess with the mostest
Hey! We been dating for a minute now
She my angel so I guess there's no more sinnin now
She bring me in n out, let me go in and out
I think she stole my heart, smash and grab, in and out
There been a drought But now the sex is crazy here
tie each other down .. call that shit the crazy bed
Getting head Baby head .. wobble like baby heads
now you think I'm nasty why the fuck I say thees shit
I know you thinking it's just fluffy talkin shit again
Nah I ain't fronting I gave this girl the businesses
Put me on her team I allstar wit mine
She was losing so I helped her come from behind

She had a couple issues but she was sexually expressive
she took her past's pain out on me. She was excessive
With the force she used to prove her points
She made her point and she used my point to prove hers
She grooved hers. She moved hers. On mine
Made me recline. Kept me tied and whispered "is it all mine?"
I replied of course it was
She ain't grab a rubber but
She made me b...
Track Name: About Face with Kings of Leon
(verse 1)
Yea I met her on a Street Car
Said she go'n far, she tryina be a movie star
But she can't seem to shake the demons that keep haunting her
And she cant seem to quit the vices that keep calling her
Yea but I tell her anything reachabill
Yea Even Jesus had his weaknesses
Not just you everybody Mary Magdelin
I said I love you then she never called me back again

(verse 2)
I knew I shoulda run but couldn't leave this chick alone
Resort to texting her and calling her from different phones
I Couldn't find her cuz she always stayed in different homes
I seen the warning signs ever since stripper pole
Now I know you thinking fuck you doin Fluff you tweekin This ain't pimpin
only 'posed to love um weekends You ...
judge covers i peak I see in from Beginnin
All the way to the end apollokidz and kings of leon
Track Name: My Type
Puerto rican south American or they Dominican
Complexion pecan hazelnut vanilla or they cinnamon
Bout five three five four dark long hair
Dark brown eyes and a dark past yea (yea)

And speaking bout they passes they got issues with they daddies
It always start out great but then it always end up badly
What they lack in sanity they make up for with passion
They not always good to me but cotdammit they the baddest

Yea I wonder why I never learn my lesson
The worst fucking fights lead to best fucking make up sessions
Shit is stressing shit is borderline depressing
But when I try to leave ... I spend mornings redressing
Track Name: Herstory (Save Me)
Verse 1:
I never gave a reason why the sudden lack of trust
Back it up and shit I say I always back it up
Back to us you always talk that women's intuition
You always mad so happy times I call um intermission

You always come home wanna look all through my phone
Send me angry textes if I leave you home alone
Nah I never cheated but I swear to god I might just
The way you throwing tantrums is like you wanna fight us

Yea and sometimes you really fight me
Throwing punches or you break my shit just to spite me
And when I can't take it and start feeling like I might leave
You block yourself in front the fucking door and you cry please

(They saying)
This time won't you save me
(I'm screaming)
Maybe next time I won't give a fuck

You know every story has two sides and you never know what makes a person the way they are until you find out later. Check it out

Verse 2
She had it rough yea her daddy used to touch her
To make it worse is that her mommy used to punch her
Both of them was drinkers so she raised her little brother
Age of fourteen when she turned into a cutter

Damn the life and times of a broken girl
She thinking damn I wish I had easy like them other girls
Now she dating greasy niggas attracted to the underworld
Ride or die bitch right sida benz color Mother pearl

So in love she even tried to have his baby
But he pushed her down the stairs now she can't even have a baby
Bag lady baggage from her life and her ex man
And broken pieces of her heart she bring to her next man
Track Name: Just Like You
Sometimes I miss you and yea I love spending time
But if I told you that you prolly lose your mind
You'll get the wrong impression feeling that your mine
We're here to have fun like I tell you all the time

I'm already getting pictures of her naked
text message reads " it's yours you could take it"
Next message reads "You got my heart don't you break it
I'm falling for you fast I don't know if I could take it"

I don't respond I'm just sitting staring at my phone
I didn't want it serious I just wanna b---
I told her the dilly she knew all along
But she caught feelings now she feeling all alone

The truth is that I feel the same way you do
But I'm a dog soon or later imma bite you
I lie to you to protect you
But baby just like you I get lonely too
Track Name: Keep Chasing (Janelle's Song)
They say if you chase something, it runs away
And when I run away, you beg me stay
How did we get in, this crazy whirlwind
This crazy love, where do I begin?

We had strong feelings but we had a rocky start
Fucked my old bitch damn I almost broke your heart
But Summer 06 forgave me then you stole my heart
But how the roots say? Things fall apart

Damn.. Never trusted me, nah
I guess she had her reasons huh?
They say if you love something you gotta let it leave
If it comes back then you know it's meant to be

So I leave. come right back again
We never change, we just try that again
Now I'm gone again, try erasing me
Live your life love, stop chasing me
Track Name: Life and Times (Jessica's Song)
You never return my late night textin
Round the same time Jackie D became my best friend
Whilin out at the bar because I'm stressin
Bar tender call the cops I almost got arrested
Damn all this over old flames
Sleep with new women can't remember no names
Sitting drunk in a dark blasting Coltrane
Or wander around a park in the dark in the cold rain (screaming

Fuck that nigga that you love so bad
I know you miss the way that I made you laugh
I say fuck that nigga laying in my bed
I won't be mad if he fucking end up dead

"I'm just saying you could do better
Tell me have you heard that lately" twice

And I know he try to take my place
In your solar system everytime I give you space
put him in orbit space suit no face plate
Watch him turn blue fuck I sound craz-zay
And I hate to turn up out the blue uninvited
But I'd hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded
That for me it isn't over why you gave the coldest shoulder
Tryina find the answers in bottom of this JD and cola
Took too many shots sent too many textes
Too many times to too many exes
I want you are you saying you don't want me too
I love you is too much that you love me too
swimming through this small dark glass full of Jack
Hoping that I see you on the other side looking back
We was so love but I bet you don't remember that
I fucking struck out now another nigga up to bat

I'm so sorry for the things I said
Girl I'm acting angry but I'm really sad
Please don't leave me girl please take me back
I'll do anything to get back what we had

"I'm just saying you could do better
Tell me have you heard that lately" twice

And I know he's prolly good to you
Prolly doing all the shit that I wouldn't do
Took you for granted prolly was to comfortable
Now I'm stuck writing poems only to the ghost of you
Memories of you resurface as the feelings do
I wrote that for you after bout a dream or two
Wish I was lying bout this shit but the shit is true
Life and Times of Fluff Daddy motherfucker volume two