DreamCatcher (Dreamchaser Pt 2)


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Produced by Sincere King Music. Written by DECEMBER, Xiomara, Sincere King, Charlotte


Used to
cop a dollar worth of candy from habibi corner store
Ask my mom for money when i heard the Mr. Softee song
Run around in fire hydrants nothin but my boxers on
Had to call the firemen to come around and turn um off

Illegal drugs and the firecrackers burn bright
Third strike make a short sentence turn life
A few niggas disappeared down the turnpike
reappeared in two years in new gear they learned white

Born Bronx born wrong tryina turn right
But if you like books then they tell you that you turned white
Preggo girls Start hoe then they turn wife
Girls fucking early turn hoe or they turn dike (yikes)

Remember when the station wagon didn't have heat
And we had to keep a blanket in back seat
Had to fumigate the Bronx apartment every last week
Roaches in the Cheerios if you waste it get your ass beat

Looking back on how it could have been
fuckin with my Cousin then he was fuckin with the Bloods an them
Said no Bloodin out after Bloodin in
But we blood and kin I guess we Buzzins then

Turn a negative to positive ask me how it's done
Take a step back yea you times it minus one
multiply the positive divide up all the love
Subtract out all the rain all that equals is the sun

(Dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher)
Don't let life pass you by
(Dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher)
Your dreams are wings. Take off and fly.

Verse 2
Black male twenty five but he's still alive?
No homicide? No selling white?
He can read and write? His daddy in his life?
Ain’t did no time? Fuck your stereotypes

But fuck it still a rapper tho
NYU class still in rapper clothes
Just his first year still got rapper shows
Highly educated but that boy there still got rapper flow

(That boy good) he knew it ‘fore he said he was
They said he was, never gon be nothin but
Piece of garbage call it litter fuck it He the runt
With him you Can't fuck so he celibut

But Anyway my nephew getting bigger
Damn, He look like my little sister
Damn, I'm always working so I miss her
I'll just give her summer sun for christmas in the winter

Chorus 2x
(Dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher)
Don't let life pass you by
(Dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher)
Your dreams are wings. Take off and fly.

Verse 3
Used to call me superman funny now I'm super human
Used to call me fluff daddy funny now im Movin units
Women all on him now Funny I was used to losing
Crowd of Rob Schniders screaming out You can do it

Hey! Family eating now
No more fronting when your friends around
No more fronting like your cables down
No more iron on no more fronting like you polo down

Your shit is truly real no more fronting like its true religion
Moved to bigger homes now we stunting in our newer kitchen
3D HDs No more fronting its the new edition
Theirs new Bobby ours is really new edition

No more fighting tears when the rent come
House car food clothes shits paid fuh
All the sudden white Americans are showing love
I even sing along when they sing the star spangled

Yea but coming up from where we came from
Struggle just Prepared me for when fame come
every laugh every love every couch every snub
every loan every hug I won't forget none

imma get on this tv mama
imma make you proud of me mama
She said that's foolish son I always was
No more talking Sincere play the chords


released April 1, 2012
Sincere King Music



all rights reserved