Hate Bein' Sober Freestyle


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Ain't it funny how that two doh
Is so fo' doh, genic. I'm with two hoes.
And they with it. And we sinning
We in the kitchen. Dinner ready come and get it.

And did I mention that they friendsis
Call each other twinses. Twinkle twinkle I'm into wishin
My Hair so long they think extension.
Do the basement match the attic use your women's intuition

I’m on mission for dime bitches with dime bags
take the dime bag then you grind that on a iPad or a dime mag
Hey! and Blake Griffin on the cover
And we rolling something lethaler than Danny Glover

Popped a molly I’m sweatin. Popped a molly I’m sweatin.
Got Molly in a drop Rari if I’m drunk drivin you won’t catch me
And I ain’t ridin round with that Nina
But I know a girl named Keisha selling that Keisha

I’m on my thirteenth drink girl I’m passin out
But when I swing this whiskey dick girl it’s happy hour
When I smoke my eyes so low they call me Mr. Chows
Call this weed that windows seven it take me to the cloud

smoke loud nosy neighbors filed a noise complaint
smoke strong the kush clouds’ll make the ceiling break
how much more can this wet towel take
Niggas On the corner all night I call it selling. Wait.

They no runningbackers but they moving rocks
whippin in the kitchen call that smoking pot
She put the roof back on my dome call that gettin top
Half white Puerto ricans call it papi cock

Hey! another shot of Jack getting dead still
Ask me for a verse and half you tryina rent skill
N iggas going nowhere fast like a treadmill
Me I'm tryina swim in this cash I'm tryina tread mills


released January 14, 2013



all rights reserved