Dreamchaser Pt 1


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A brief look into my life with the help of Meek Mill's track "Dream Chaser"


Verse one

Born to a mom and dad both of them disabled
Momma has CP people thought she wasn’t able
Poppa can't see he had to feel out for the table
People couldn't see how they put food up on the table

Raised up in the Bronx and my clothes ain’t had no labels
Kids in the school they would laugh and say who made those
I was fighting every day cuz I tell um keep ya face closed
Been a little nigga but they knew I never played tho

Same church and school Since nineteen eighty six
All the way through the turn of millennium
My whole fucking life i invested in the shit
Til my mom and daddy tell me the paster touching the kids

devil a lying bitch
Two cases brought but he caught a bid
Lost faith in God how did he allowed this
Momma talk religion she could tell he losing his

But enough blasphemery
That just taught me everything ain't always what it seem to be
Trust and loyalty ain't turn out what they used to seem to me
And layin of the hands different to you than what it Mean to me

Fuck. Reminiscing bout those foul days
The devil foul ways made me almost fail the tenth grade
Hoping hells paid but karma don't work always
I had to get my shit together or I'd a been mopping hallways

Shout out the music cuz the music Help me Through it
Shout out all the teachers who challenged me made me prove it
Shout out all people who said I would never do it
Never pull through it now they see I NYU it
I'm a

Verse 2

Fast Forward Graduate to nine to fiving it
I know the bit that's how you stay alive and shit
Just surviving shit barely escaping with your pride and shit
Just Make enough to stay in debt and steady pay off scholarships

How the fuck long do it take to grow a money tree
My future right in front of me my past somehow it’s stuck on me
Slave blood up in me made me natural hustler luckily
sometimes i ask my count-er-y "Why Do you want to fuck on me"

But no more blaming uncle Sam for our problems
Not because he's right but cuz you know he'll never solve um
I rather rob him take back what’s mine and drop him
Pack a nine and pop him More Malcolm X than Martin

I know I know non violent was the mantra
Spitting conscious conscious spitting
but I be goddam if they arrest me for a sit in
Role model for the chill’en it’s your race nigga win it

Zia said I inspired him since I started spitting
Herc had to admit it you bout to crush it nigga kill it
Ace said the game is mine but only if I’m wit it
So they deserve the credit for how I’m about to get it
I'm a

I told yall I was coming but y'all didn't understand
Mad the Bandwagon full y'all niggas under Stanned

And shout out to everybody who's been with me since day 0. Marv, JR, Jada, Pat, Mike, Davall, Jared, Herc, Zia, Ace, apollokidz, I see you. Rosanna, Grace, Tenee, Brandon. Every body who put up with me while I'm outchyea chasing my dream.

And This is my story but I mean it's for anybody who ever had a dream in they life but they haven't had the dream life. Anybody who's had to overcome obstacles. Being a woman in a mans world. Being a black man in a white mans world. Being young in an old people's world.

And um that story about that pastor is true by the way. True Church of God in Harlem. You could look that up.

And for y'all devils out there abusing kids abusing women mentally physically sexually. I hope there's a special place hell for y'all but if not I know there's a special place in jail for y'all.


released April 1, 2012



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